Month: June 2015




  • SAM_0241Whenever when I climb through the labyrinth of stairs on the Montmartre hill I feel like  in a fairy tale. Before this district has become the cultural epicenter of nineteenth and twentieth-century Paris it was just a small village.


    I like to walk north side of the hill which is a behind the back of the basilica Sacre Coeur. In this way you don’t have to do the slalom between tourists, street performers and all kinds of kitschy souvenir shoops. Instead, you may look like growing wine in Paris vineyard – Clos Montmartre.



    You can also discover hidden  Cimetière Saint-Vincent where Berlioz, Zola, Dalida, Truffaut are buried with astonishing views on Paris and the basilica Sacre-Coeur. What is interesting -This white  church which quickly became the symbol of Paris is not so old, was only bouilt a century ago, after the French were embarrassed by a brief but successful occupation by the Germans in 1870.


    Whenever  I walk here, I realized  that creation of the film  Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, eighty of the best French films in history was the easiest thing n’a world.

    Jean-Pierre Jeunet didn’t have to exert  to much. The screenplay of this film had turned himself. People and places from this movie you pass everyday walking after Montmartre.


    When you  tired of climbing all the stairs Montmartre, you can stop for a moment and enjoy the view of Paris from here.


    Or take a break for coffee. Even Starbuck’s looks like from a fairy tale here.


    Then you absolutely must visit  Dalí!



    11 rue Poulbot 
    75018 Paris