Whenever I climb through the labyrinth of stairs to the top Montmartre hill I feel like in a fairy tale. Before this district has become the cultural epicenter of nineteenth and twentieth-century Paris it was just a small village and you still feel it even though parts of the district resembles a tourist open-air museum.

SAM_1144I like to walk north side of the hill which is  behind the back of the white basilica Sacre Coeur. In this way you don’t have to make the slalom between tourists, street performers and all kinds of kitschy souvenir shoops. Instead, you may look how  wine is growing in Paris vineyard – Clos Montmartre.

  • clos-montmartre 








You can also discover hidden Cimetière Saint-Vincent  views on Paris and the world famous basilica. The white church which quickly became the symbol of Paris is not so old, was only bouilt a century ago, after the French were embarrassed by a brief but successful occupation by the Germans in 1870. SAM_1590


    SAM_1646 Whenever  I walk here, I think that creation of the film Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, eighty of the best French films in history was the easiest thing in a world. Jean-Pierre Jeunet didn’t have to exert  much. The screenplay of this film had turned himself. People and places from this movie you pass everyday walking after Montmartre. Café les Deux Moulins it’s just like in a movie, even people in it look the same.


    The vegetable shop is the same as it was too.SAM_1564

    When you are tired of climbing all the stairs of Montmartre, you can stop for a moment and enjoy the view of Paris.


    Or take a break for coffee. Even Starbuck’s looks like from a fairy tale here.


    Then I like to spend  some time with Dalí  (ESPACE DALI,11 rue Poulbot ),take a moment at the square where impressionism was born and even cubism and walk around Dalida’s house and bust.


     Everything that happened on Montmartre it stays on Montmartre!



  1. I highly recommend Joanna for a private tour of Paris. She is smart, funny, very knowledgable and tailors the tour to your needs. We started off on a boat tour on the river Seine and ended with some Christmas shopping on the Champ de Elysee with many interesting stops along the way; to include Shakespeare and Co. bookstore, hot wine and a few other unique stops.

    Thanks again Joanna for a wonderful experience in Paris. Next time hopefully we’ll have warner and dryer conditions. Also, please let me know when you’re on Tripadvisor and I’ll be happy to add my positive comments! 😉

    1. Thank You Scott, This is pure pleasure to show Paris people like you – with positive energy and
      humor! Once again thank you for choosing me as your guide; Promise, no more rain for your next stay in Paris!:)

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