The best way to discover Paris is a walk.  When you walk and look around, you have impression that everything here looks like  Postcards from Paris ! 

Paris is divided into twenty districts. It’s like twenty different cities in one.

1. Very intellectual  Latin Quarter 



 This is my favorite part of the city. Walking here you can feel history written on the walls of buildings, in the secret corners of the streets and doorways .  You can  feel  source of artistic inspiration. As Picasso, Woody Allen, Hemingway or Cyrano de Bergerac –  Famous walkers after this district.

Usually I start walk here from the church Saint Germain des Prés.  It’s the oldest church in Paris founded by the Merovingian king Childebert I in the 6th century !

In front of the church is  legendary Café Les Deux Magots.


In June 1935 Picasso sat here  with his friend Paul Eluard. He notices, seated at a nearby table, a beautiful young brunette  with intense eyes.
He was fascinated by the serious face of the young woman. She engages in a strange game that the plot: in his hands she plants a small pointed knife into the wood of the table. Sometimes she misses her shot and a drop of blood comes from beading embroidered roses on her black gloves. Picasso Eluard asked to present them.

Dora Maar– She introduced herself.  They leave Deux Magots  together.On the sidewalk Picasso asked Dora to offer him his gloves in memory of their encounter.
This was the beginning of a very  turbulent relationship that will last eight years.


Picasso and Dora

Just across the street, was  a bookshop called La Hune – the epicentre of the intellectual Saint-Germain. Karl Lagerfeld was a regular customer there. He has an incredible collection of art books.  He buys several copies of the same book in order to cut the pictures out.


Strolling after the Latin district you can easy  meet famous people.


Lenny Kravitz likes to walk in Paris

For example Lenny Kravitz passing in front of the house Serge Gainsbourg,  author the most sexiest song of all time Je t’aime… Moi non plus.


(5 Rue de Verneuil).The walls of this house are covered with graffiti. Inside, everything is as it was during the singer life; The walls are still legendary black, the piano, the paintings, even  shoes of Serge Gainsbourg are still there.
Lenny Kravitz also has his own apartment in Paris.

Not far from here, is a street Rue de Seine with several interesting addresses.

jjjjjjSMALL      LOUISIAN2

One of them is the mythical hotel La Louisiane (60 Rue de Seine) who has seen the greatest artists as painter Pablo Picasso, jazzman John Coltrane or writer Henry Miller.

This is a very modest hotel but Quentin Tarantino shut himself up here for three weeks to write the screenplay for  Pulp Fiction.   

SAM_0101 (2)

This corridor go to the Tarantino room

SAM_0099 (2)

tumblr_lnoblhsvKP1qhnicbGoing forward I pass by a large blue door (57 RUE DE SEINE).It was the entrance to Rock n’ Roll Circus, the famous Parisian nightclub. At night of July 2 1971, Jim Morrison showed up at here.


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