Secret Canal Saint-Martin

Psst – I’ve got a secret, That’s how you feel strolling around the Canal Saint-Martin, a 19th century waterway transformed from a Napoleon-era industrial channel into the most  happening and trendy hood of Paris.

Far away from the city center its a charming universe completely off the tourist radar. You will not find kitschy shops with miniatures of the Eiffel Tower there. Instead of that can will feel  the smell of fresh bread, which brings you to pure Parisian bakery like on the photo below.


For the first time this secret part of Paris showed to me long time ago one friend who knows all the secret addresses of Paris and has motor, the best transport in the Parisian traffic jams. We spent the whole afternoon in Le Comptoir General, one of the strangest places I’ve ever seen in a life.

It’s like the jungle in the middle of the city or enchanted art garden. You can see a cool exhibition here, can read something good, watch the movie or dance. The list is long.

SAM_0278     SAM_0277


For the further exploring the Canal Saint-Martin area I went alone. I started it from the cafe called LE PONT TOURNANT which is a great vantage point for the whole area.  Cat Suzi  knows it  the best. She is a queen of this old French cafe and all street.  Thanks to her I peered here. I don’t regret! The owner of this little cafe lives in this district of Paris from 50 years; He is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge!



He knows many anecdotes about famous actors like Gerard Depardieu who stopped in this cafe for a small espresso. Take a look there. He gonna tell you all of that.

The best way to get to this part of  Paris is to get off on the métro stop République and walk up the Faubourg du Temple street.


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