Snails and the Artist

 Abelino Camacho, my new friend from mexico wanted to try how it tastes  snails. I’m not a big fan of snails because they are usually seasoned with a large amount of garlic that makes your breathe fire through the rest of the day but he wanted to try even though of that.

I took him to my favorite restaurant – Cafe St Regis. I loved this place from the first plate of French cheeses which I ate here.   Since that day I know that the food here is first quality. The waiters  may seem not too friendly but it’s just an impression. They are just professional in French-style. Above all, this place is  It’s a perfect reincarnation a classic brasseries. Subway tile, cool lights and big windows to watch Paris.


Unfortunately all this didn’t help. After two snails Abelino surrendered. He said politely that they are not so bad but he prefers a steak. Even the famous Parisian aperitif- Kir Royal – didn’t help.


Six plump snails has been still on a plate. I ate one. Neighbors from nearby tables didn’t want to try. At some point Abelino noticed thoughtful guy with a hat who stands at the entrance. I came to him.  I offered him our snails. He agreed. He sat down at our table and he was incredibly sympathetic.  We started an interesting conversation about Paris, life and snails . His name was Brian Morris. He is an artist from New York who was showing his works in Paris. At the end of our conversation he invited us to the opening of his exhibition in Paris.


As a result all the snails have been eaten up.  I also looked interesting expo interesting artist from NY in Paris.


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