Mr. Springsteen is a great writer



There are artists who shine briefly and fade away. Not Bruce Springsteen. He is made of steel.  When you see him on the stage with his guitar, you know he is created by God to play and sing. But his book Born to Run proves that he can also write well. 

One friend invited me to the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Paris Bercy Arena.  I supposed it will be a great event but didn’t know what exactly awaits me.

There were some things that were not planned.  The concert was suddenly interrupted by a huge power outage. Alarms went off. Then announcements in five languages  issued an evacuation order from the concert hall. Nobody from 18.000 fans of the Boss left. The band kept playing without amps. While the technicians tried to resolve the problem behind the scene The Boss whole wet with sweat started to sign autographs and waved the sign on his back 5 minutes in order to wait in the crowd delirium.

With the power re-set and amps restored, he played Dancing in the Dark. Total show time was 3hrs 45 minutes. I saw a few good concerts in my life but something like this never before. Since this time I was wondered how he is able literally give everything as if this concert was going  to be his last and repeat the same thing the next day.

The answer to this question I found in a book  Born to run. The rockman found time between the concerts  and described his life in five hundred pages!  It took him seven years.

For the first time the Boss describes the story of the personal struggles that inspired his best work and shows. Also, why the song Born to Run reveals more than we previously realized.

Writing about yourself is a funny business, notes in his book Springsteen. But in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind. In these pages, I’ve tried to do this.

He managed this attempt great. You should read this book. Like you have to listen to his songs. To understand something simple about what we forget. If You will work hard you will fulfill your dreams. No matter who you want to be:  a rock star or a writer.  Bruce Springsteen decided, when – the age of seven – he saw Elvis Presley in TV . From now on he systematically sought to achieve this dream.

Six years later,  mother bought him  first electric guitar, which henceforth Springsteen created his first songs. The Boss sincerely write also about his depression and a difficult relationship with his father.

Bruce Springsteen writes like he is playing and singing : sincerely.   It’s precisely composed on his phenomenon as an artist and as a human. So  there are several good reasons to read  Born to run apart from the most important thing : To find out how simple boy from New Jersey  changed the history of the music and  after dozens of years on the stage became a equally good writer as a musician.



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