Month: November 2016

American election in French

Full of positive energy and with a bit of adrenaline we went with my American friend who living in Paris watch on live stream American race on armchair in the White House . In a beautiful building of the French radio in Paris. My friend dressed for this special occasion cap which provides for whom he voted. As a native Polish, in addition journalist I was in the position of an observer of events.Our first surprise at the entrance to the beautiful building of the French radio sparked  fact that in this American historical night event are participating almost only French. The second shocking annotation was  that they treat  American  presidential election as a football match. Beer pours streams and you can hear discussions about weekend more than political. In one of the rooms Dj mixes electronic pieces (Considering that we are in a beautiful building of the French radio he could play better ) In the course of beer discover that all they cheer completely the opposite player than the one whose name is on the cap of my friend. In the course of the beer situation is getting dangerous. Girl demonstratively turns butts raises cap on the forehead of my friend. Another asks stupid questions because she is totally drunk. We decide to evacuate this democracy.