How to tame the Louvre

Many people visit the Louvre Museum just to see the Mona Lisa. But the Louvre hides much more in its massive walls and can be tamed.  A few not commonly known facts about the Louvre are that :

You can glimpse remnants of the original medieval moat

Though the 13th-century fortress built by King Philippe Augustus was destroyed. Nobody didn’t know about until the eighties when archeologists excavated the original moat 23 feet below the Cour Carré during construction of the glass pyramid. Today you can peek at in the medieval part of the Sully wing.


The museum’s largest painting is in the same room as the Mona Lisa is

The Mona Lisa may be the Louvre’s most famous painting, but many people don’t realize that the museum’s largest painting is actually in the same room. The Wedding Feast at Cana by Venetian Renaissance master Veronese depicts Christ’s first miracle of transforming water to wine hangs straight ahead.


The Louvre is still acquiring additional works

Even though the museum’s collection includes art made until the 19th century, it’s still acquiring works as two portraits by Rembrandt, the master painter’s  full-length portraits.

Army security guards to handle the museum

The museum employs 2,290 staff members, including 65 curators and 145 conservationists. ( 1,200 of those staff members are security guards). The Louvre even has its own squad of 48 firefighters on call 24 hours a day.

 The monumental museum contains many secrets inside its hallowed halls,  waiting to be discovered so don’t go straight to  the Mona Lisa. Look to the surroundings, to the top and familiarize yourself with this entire Louvre.


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