Month: January 2017


First episode : Mysterious shortages products in the Grocery store in the Latin Quarter

Almost all over the world to make shopping for the weekend you simply go to the simple supermarket and puts everything to a big cart. Almost all over the world but not in Paris. In Paris meat you are buying only at the butcher shop. Of course you have to know in which one and you have to stand in long queue. Cheese you have to buy at the cheese shop. Bread you have to buy in a bakery.
Therefore, this Saturday morning little Brian goes with mom on a big shopping tour of the Latin Quarter, Parisian neighborhood the where they live cats writers and where they are organizing a literary evening meetings in Luxemburg Gardens. Shopping tour is a great chance of forcing mom to buy packet of Smurfs, Brian’s favorite bonbons (french candy’s) from the candy’s dealer at the statue of Danton.Crazy guy whom clipped crazy head. It’s also ocasion meet funny salesman still crying : ,,poisson frais,,, poisson frais,, (fr.fresh fish) in a fish shop. They march by a wide boulevard Saint Germain with carts for purchases. As usual in Paris they constantly colliding with other Parisians also extending in search of fresh fish and fresh bread on saturday morning. They don’t know that walking down they are closely followed by two cats hidden in the bushes. One of them is black, the second black and white. In the grocery store Mom and Little Brian can’t find any chocolate milk. Actually there’s no milk at all. There is none on the shelf. Mum ask store employee whether french cows began to strike or they are on a holidays. That’s two frequent reasons for the lack of something in Paris. He don’t know nothing about. But this is nothing unusual. Once Brian asked him where are the eggs.He also didnt know even though they were located behind his back. Mum takes some strawberries. The shelf of Reddi Wip (whipped cream in a can) is also empty. There is no more Roquefort cheese for a dad too. This means that dad will be in a very bad mood all the weekend. But the most shocking is that on the food market there are no fish. Even small sardines or shrimps. Fishmonger was speechless and don’t even shout, only decomposes his hands. Mom can’t believe and breaks down hands. How to make dinner? Without milk? Without cheese? This is the end of the world. Paris air smell of cooking tragedy. Brian is happy. He urges mom to buy additional packaging of Smurfs in these critical circumstances. He marching briskly along the Saint Michel boulevard , gorging Smurfs with completely blue from the Smurfs language. Cats still sitting in the bushes. This time Brian sees them. They look as if they knew about something. As if they knew not only what happened to the milk, but also why the bill for electricity was extremely high this month.Brian knows that because dad begin to scream for the whole house after opening the envelope.


Joanna Werynska, Brian Teasley

The smell of love

There are places in Paris that are real treasures.These places you can discover only by accident. Or if you know someone who knows someone. They are outside exposure. Despite being located in the most popular areas of the city. Because the real Paris is a hidden Paris.

Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. A stone’s throw from the Palais de l’Elysée. Here was born the scent created because of love.

Arriving in the elegant courtyard. Kind of universe of luxury, calm and voluptuousness that makes You forget the noises  on the other side of the street. Nice woman inviting gesture encourages You to look inside. This is Patricia Meyer, daughter of Rose Desgranges. She welcomes You in this beautiful case of bricks and satin,  where is proposed a single perfume and begins the recount incredible story.

“It was my mother’s.She arrived to Paris in 1940 at the age of 16 and became a” small hand “at the Figaro Club, a renowned hairdressing salon, right here at 70 rue du Faubourg St Honoré. That’s when she met my father.I grew up in the apartments just above,, -says Madame Meyer.

The owner Mr Albert falls in love with Rose. He is 29 years old and their age gap worries Rose’s mother.  Rose is in love too. However, Mr Albert remains a man very courted by women and it annoys so prodigiously Rose so she resigns. Mr Albert understands that she is the only woman of his life. He goes in search of her and the request for marriage. Rose’s mother doesn’t agree, but Rose is in love and endowed with a sacred character. We are in 1945.  The end of the war. They marry in July.

For the 35 years of his lover, Albert decides to compose a perfume. Former chemist, he elaborates a juice of rose, iris and jasmine, at the same time tender and full of character. At the hairdressing salon, customers rush to know this mysterious scent. But Rose doesnt want to share it. It’s so personal and unique! Finally, the customers claim it so  Rose and Albert decide to market it in 1961. Provided that it’s never sold in another place. Rose installs a perfume fountain in the courtyard and places a drop of her elixir on ladies’ handkerchiefs. The entire Faubourg St Honore street is filled with the scent of “Rose Desgranges”!
Her small shop becomes the showcase for the “French-style fragrance”.

In 2013, a time when inventiveness in the olfactory world was everything, the descendants of Rose Desgranges (daughters and granddaughter) nurtured the idea of rekindling the flame of a perfume that encapsulated their childhood years. They thus decided to retrace half a century of French perfume-making and pay tribute to this exceptional creation.

Now everybody can come here to listen to this story and to know that smell.