Me, this blog and all the rest

I’m not the kind of traveler who has crossed a jungle.  I have no defeated any desert. I have not been in Antarctica. That’s not my point. I prefer to follow the trail of favorite writers or the chocolate.
For me travel is not visiting record numbers of museums or mountain peaks. I like to check out the local sites, meet local people and talk to them. I’m a writer/blogger who stubbornly observes the locality. The world is like a book. You have to read  it carefully and accurately to understand.
Although I am Polish, feel more a citizen of the world   with one suitcase always ready for a new trip. Because in life the most important are moments. Easter breakfast on the beach overlooking jumping dolphins on the bay, sitting on the Paris island Ile Saint Louis or looking at the world from the summit of the Tatra Mountains. These moments give life a taste.
For those moments I abandoned  well-anticipated journalism career. For several years my articles have been published in the Polska Gazeta Krakowska (a newspaper produced in collaboration with the London Times) and other newspapers.  I interviewed such personalities like Sir Jeffrey Archer, Bobby McFerrin or Michael York. My articles subjects included Lenny Kravitz, the President of Poland, Pope John Paul II  and countless other important matters and persons.This great life experience taught me that there are no impossible things.
 I left Krakow and set off for France.  The idea was to spend several months there. It turned into years. I traveled all over the country of cheese and wine, learned French language, French cuisine and culture on the French Riviera. Then spent several years in Paris where I worked as a private tour guide and translator. I came back to Krakow for a while to see how my city and people changed and write books on the basis of observation from my travels. 

 The Blog

I set up this blog after moving to Paris. Not as a travel blog :  I wanted to create something independent  about Paris from the local side. But more and more Postcards came.  I  crossed the state of Florida, from the Gulf of Mexico to the beaches of Miami. Lived in Chicago for a while. Saw the best of Greece. Participated in the premiere of the film about the pope in the Vatican. All these places are important to me not because they are known but because of the people I met. One of these meetings caused that I prefer to bake bread in Florida rather than work in the newspaper.

 The Postcards consist of the stories of people I met, photos of unusual places I lived in, my observations and advices on how to enjoy the best of these places, funny  stories that happened to me or to my friends, fragments of books I write and reviews important books everyone should read.  To show you another point of view for France, US, Poland, career, life and word. Paris on the other side of the baguette, Miami without celebrities but full of cats or Florida from the kitchen. Why not?

Have a look.  Who knows, maybe you will find your story – or some of my Postcards will makes you smile.


 Joanna Werynska



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