The world and people are like an open book. Just take one suitcase and start reading. Life consists of moments.One such moment may be more important than fifty years. This can be a picnic on the Paris island Ile Saint Louis. Admiring jumping horses in the Miami Beach. Discovery of a little paradise garden on one hidden beach of old Florida.  Drinking coffee with legendary pilot of North Airlines on the terrace in the middle of Florida golf course. Looking at Krakow from the Kosciuszko mound.And  life has a taste.

This blog is about catching those moments. I describe them to prove that traveling is worthwhile and  can be straightforward. 

Apart from catching such moments I am journalist, writer and tour guide with great passion for traveling all over the world. In some places I stay longer. To understand local life and surroundings more.  Besides traveling for several years I wrote  about culture and art to Polska The Times Gazeta Krakowska ( a newspaper produced in collaboration with The Times) and other daily’s. To the day when I pack all my life into one suitcase. I set the direction for France. The idea was to spend there several months. Finally came out of it several years. I traveled France along and across. Learned the secrets of French cuisine in Provence.  Threw the mysteries of the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and Paris generally. When I realized I knew the city well I decided to share this knowledge  with  people from all over the world as a tour guide. For a good few years. In the meantime I crossed the entire Florida, good part of  Greece and Italy. Thoughtful of the Krakow where I dreamed of all these trips, studied literature and  used to eat obwazanki everyday I back here after years.  With the same suitcase but full of extraordinary stories and photos. 

 I share all this on this blog with You, Dear Reader as my internet Postcards from the world. 

The Postcards consist of the stories of people I met,photos of unusual places, advices how to enjoy the best this places and other interesting things to read.

Because sending Postcards is a  cool tradition that’s dying out. Have a look here and enjoy !



Joanna Werynska


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