I am Polish journalist, writer, photographer and private tour guide living in Paris for a good few years, in Krakow and occasionally in Florida.  For several years I wrote about cultural events to Polska The Times Gazeta Krakowska ( a newspaper produced in collaboration with The Times) and other daily newspapers in Krakow.

Thought about life in Paris for the very first time appeared in my head many years ago. Since that time I visited  France many times. In searching of material to my articles, to meet closer the style of life and for pleasure of course.Then I decided to get to know more about Florida. Because of my unlimited curiosity I  learned the secrets of French gastronomy and perfume industry in Provence.  

As a world lover with passion and endless curiosity of everything   I’m lucky to meet amazing people from all over the world and listening to their incredibly stories.

Thanks to my curiosity I look at all lesser-known nooks  of the places I visit. I decided to share here The most interesting stories and discoveries with You, Dear Reader.

Strolling around the world  I have Krakow in my head so  You will find some of my articles written in Krakow too:

magic medieval city with the enchanted horse-drawn  carriages and the coolest dragon in the world. 

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll take a plane to Krakow.


Easy Reading !

Joanna Werynska


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