Anyone seen, anyone knows

Dinner almost ready. Polish tomato soup bubbling merrily in the brim clogged with unnecessary trinkets French apartment in the center of the Latin Quarter. The only one thing is missing – heroines of the evening, more important then Mona and Lisa together – kielbaski from Cracow. She’s looking into the refrigerator. They’re not here. Looking in every corner of the kitchen. Without result. Starts searching the room. They are not even in the trash. She asks him where He were last seen them. He doesn’t remembers. She open the wardrobe. They are not there. Maybe huge size of the penis vibrator and huge mascot Mickey Mouse ate them? This stupid Mickey Mouse on the mantel smiles so maliciously. Or maybe someone stole them. Or they are abducted as the Mona Lisa from the Louvre and somebody perhaps kept them carelessly in another messy Paris apartment. Soup bubbling . He is hungry. She helplessly watching cats from the window opposite. They look as if he knew something. But they says nothing about. She start worried. What to do? Call the French detective. He’s not answering. Well, it is seven o’clock now! All French detectives eat dinner at this time. – Maybe I have a problem with eyes -she think. She goes to an ophthalmologist to get stronger glasses.Unfortunately is august. All Parisian opticians are on holiday. She tired falls on the couch. He look under a pile of pillows. Something rustling. With incredulous looks he found them – a plastic bag with them Cracow sausages!
Diner is safe!
In spite of chaos in Parisian apartment and the french summer break.