Whether you make cheeses somewhere in the mountains, write a book or raised eight children, your dreams are the most important. The stories of those ordinary extraordinary people I met on my way are proof of this.I love meeting people from different worlds and discussing with them. Every human being is an important story.



American Legion Post No 305 on St Pete Beach in Florida it’s the place where you can meet the most unusual and most sympathetic people of the world. Except having the cheapest beer, dinner and bingo game of course.


War veterans and their wives, the people who come here are the ones who can tell you the most amazing stories but I still remember a simple conversation with one pilot wife. We met an older married couple and started a funny discussion about nothing. I was impressed by how much this old lady knew all about, whether it was a football or a world heritage.

I was shocked when this well-mannered lady told me how old she was and that she raised six children. At that time, her husband was a pilot of military aircrafts to Iraq and other dangerous countries.

I asked how she was able to raise great kids, take care of the house, work professionally and find time to study languages.,,I can say I had a happy life and I am grateful for that,, , replied she in fluent French even though she is American. I saw this happiness  in her eyes and it was beautiful. Sometimes it is worthwhile to have simple conversations.


Cinderella with a godmother 

Nely is the author of the novels for a teenagers from Texas. Bianca is a eighteen  years old  violinist and blogger from Greece.They met over the Internet long time ago and talked online. Nely has found a daughter who can not have in Bianca. Bianca found in Nely godmother from fulfilling her dream. They decided to meet in Paris.

Nely funded Bianca’s stay in Paris as a gift to her eighteenth birthday. I had an incredible pleasure to show them the city and to listen the story this extraordinary meeting. Thanks to them I know that fairy tale of Cinderella and good godmother can  happen in the present world too.


Jason family

Late, busy Paris afternoon.I meet them at the station Paris Gare du Nord. The Jason family.

I was a little scared when I saw a big team with four little boys. Paris is not a city easy to explore for families with small children. After four days together I can say I don’t know more organized and funny family.  I showed them  Paris. They showed me that traveling with  four little boys is simple and wonderful adventure.


 Paris after Polish

Sometimes  fate  surprise you. A surprise was the meeting Arek, Polish soldier from Warsaw, my compatriot in Paris. Although there are many poles living in Paris, you don’t keep contact with them often. I felt patriotically obliged.  We started our Parisian stroll under the monument  John Paul  II opposite the Cathedral Notre Dame.


From there we walked  to the Sorbonne and the Luxembourg Gardens.  We sat for a moment in the oldest Parisian cafe – Le Procope, where Arek wanted to feel like a real Parisian.

We wandered around the trendy district Le Marais. At the end of this walking day we ordered big plate of frogs and a Ricard at cafe from the film Amélie at the Montmartre hill. And it was a big mistake.

If you don’t want to feel the taste of cough syrup never order any Ricard. After the Polish plum brandy this  alcohol is the worst which I have ever tried. When I asked the French neighbors from the next table how is possible that the French like to drink this liquor on the basis of anis they explain to me that this is a matter of habit. Otherwise,the waiters in Café des Deux Moulins are extremely slow even by Parisian standards.


 Fabienne and her Celebrity Tours

Guides about Paris are millions. But in all of them is more or less the same. Poor tourist makes a marathon from the Mona Lisa to the Versailles, loses directions in Paris subway and in the abyss of despair, eats the worst pancakes at the booth under the Eiffel Tower.

It’s possible  to explore Paris differently ! For example with  Fabienne,  French fashion designer. She created accessories and hats for the big names in fashion for over 15 years. One day she had brilliant idea to follow the footsteps of Parisian artists and celebrities.

 I met her some afternoon in one cafe and it was good afternoon. I look at Paris differently. Through her PARIS CELEBRITY TOURS projet I know even the great secret of President François Mitterrand !


Ray in Paris


When you are a tour guide to Paris every day you meet someone special. And you feel like you took part in fulfilling someone’s dream. It’s a wonderful feeling!  Give you the wings.

Ray from Maryland (US) was the first person who I was touring around Paris.Trip to Paris it was a big dream  this wonderful man with the appearance of Santa Claus. We spent together  four days in Paris. There was a boat ride on the Seine, exploring the Musee d’Orsay, Wax Musee and much more. Thanks to Ray I learned to walk slowly and I realized that Paris first of all is the   city of stairs.


One day  with students from Poland

I was a bit nervous before this meeting.My mission was to show the best of Paris to the group of fifty Polish students.When I was waiting them at the Concorde Square i felt a bit like an aging schoolmaster.

I was wondering how to tell them about this city without falling into boring pathos.I started from a bloody story of Queen Antoinette which was executed on the guillotine before the entrance to the Tuileries Garden. It succeeded. I managed their interest.They asked a lot. We spent together long and  funny day closed under the Eiffel Tower.



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