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Contrary to appearances, writing and cooking have a lot in common.  Writing about cooking and the flavors of a country is a real delight. I started to be really interested in preparing meals in France. Not only to learn more about French culinary culture, but because I wanted to feed my boyfriend the best. Developed in this art so now I can bake not only perfect french tart Tatin  but also healthy polish bread in Florida. What and where to try ?Here are some of my culinary stories.


There are many reasons to love Krakow but the most important is obwarzanek. Kraków’s streets are packed with vendors selling this  twisted baked bread rolls, which have become a culinary symbol of Krakow. This piece of pure happiness and the fastest way to have breakfast costs only 1, 5 POLISH ZLOTY so 0, 24 Euro. It’s a round, yeast bread with a hole in the middle, made from twisted dough. Before baking the dough is briefly dropped in seasoned boiling water. The first mention of obwarzanki dates back to the 14th century in accounts from the royal court of King Vladislaus Jagiełło and Queen Jadwiga. They have been protected from the Middle Ages: bakers had to obtain a named, royal permission to make them. Later a concession to make them was only given to Kraków’s bakers’ guild, which maintained strict control over not just consistency of recipes but who was allowed to bake obwarzanki until the 19th century. In 2010 Cracovian obwarzanki has been awarded Protected Destination of Origin by the EU.Obwarzanki share the same roots as the world-famous bagels. This Jewish bread, baked in Kraków since the 17th century, joined Jewish emigrants on their cross-Atlantic trip to Manhattan in the early 20th century.





Exploring Paris and France from the kitchen is a fantastic adventure. This is country the best baguettes, a thousand cheeses, a thousand of a pastry goods for which it’s worth to die, the finest chocolate and wine of course.But if you think that the average Parisian always eat dinner at the restaurant you’re wrong. Usually Parisian most often prepare something at home.Dinners at restaurants are reserved for special occasions.And despite the fact that in Paris are thousands of restaurants it’s good to have your trusted addresses in each of the twenty districts of the city.


Here are some  good addresses :

 Le café Procope. 

It’s more than a restaurant with the specialties of French cuisine. This is an excellent example how important role plays food in the events of French history. In this restaurant Robespierre was preparing a French Revolution!They have even a Napoleon hat here.


Not far away from Le Procope there is a butcher shop which looks like a jewelry shop. It’s called POLMARD. Don’t be fooled by appearances! They have the best beef here. If you like steaks this is obligatory address. The guy who runs this shop incredibly  talk about his family farm.I swear I’ve never heard anyone with such a passion talked about the meat. You can have lunch here.



The Bouillon Chartier


 The concept this place, created by the butcher Pierre Duval at the end of the 19th century was to provide a pot-au-feu with was cheap bowl of soup consumed in the same marble. Camille and Edouard Chartier will add “beautiful”, creating exceptional decoration. In 1896 they open at the end of a courtyard, the great “Bouillon Chartier”and applied very affordable prices to allow workers district enjoy good hearty and affordable dishes. Access to the restaurant is through a revolving door. Here is no fuss, the order and the addition are written directly on the white paper tablecloth! But it is to the dining concourse-like appeals to customers with its big clock, its glass roof, its windows lined with mirrors and mezzanine.


The service is continuous and ballet servers, incessant. The brewery running at full speed even if it is not the point of rendez-vous of personalities as Mistinguett, Maurice Chevalier or Etith Piaf who were here regularly.  Why all love this place? For the cheapest egg mayonnaise Paris, Pyrex glasses, at home, and in winter the bowl bowl of soup to cool for 1 euro! Chartier, become an institution, continues his hectic life. The tail is permanent in this tourist mecca of Parisian life which receives about 1,100 customers a day! This restaurant is open every day, the service ends at 22 hours, with a menu offering traditional French cuisine. The conservation of the building’s architecture and decoration of the Belle Époque dining allowed it’s classification as historical monuments in 1989.

Address : 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris


Le Saint Regis

Each time when I’m near the Notre Dame de Paris I peeks here.

This small bistro with a beautiful terrace will ensure you to have a great time, good atmosphere whether you’ll order snails or just a plate of cheese.



Address : 6 Rue Jean du Bellay, 75004 Paris


Foyer de la Madeleine

Enjoy breakfast in the church? – Why not. In Paris everything is possible. Provided that it’s a Foyer de la Madeleine


This place is a surprise on the culinary map of Paris. The Place de la Madeleine is a favourite Parisian foodie pilgrimage with Aladdin’s cave gourmet boutiques of Fauchon and Hediard.  Most of the shoppers who shelling out a fortune for foie gras, caviar and champagne here have no idea that right in the middle of the square, tucked away beneath the imposing Madeleine church, is an off beat canteen that serves up simple but tasty fare to over 300 people every lunch time at the price of €8 for a three course meal! Try it!


Le Buddha-Bar

It was a rainy evening a few years ago.We wandered with my boyfriend in the rain. Not far from my house we turned into an inconspicuous alley. In front of us appeared large massive door with the inscription ; buddha-bar. We couldn’t believe – We are in front of THIS famous bar created by restaurateur Raymond Visan and DJ and  designer Claude Challe. We went inside.We had impression that we moved in time and space. Take a look here during your Paris adventure!




Address :Rue Boissy-d’Anglas , 75008 Paris

La Belle Hortense


The best places to eat and to drink in Paris You find by chance. In this way I discovered La Belle Hortense – cozy bar, restaurant and a library in one. One late night I walked rue Vieille du Temple. I  like this street  at night because is not crowded as during the day. In front of blue entrance I saw a group of people discussing about the books. I decided to take a look inside. It was here that I read Murakami for the first time.


Address : 31 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris

Very very secret restaurant
In Paris everything is possible. The spirit of Marie Antoinette walks every night after the Parisian rooftops. (If you see a woman at the white dress on the roof : Is she) Vampire of Paris has  own facebook  on which he put the recipes how to cook the blood. There is also the specter restaurant on one of the streets of Montmartre. You sit at the table on the middle of the street. People walking around this table and think that you are a tourist attraction. After a few moments, shyly approached the waiter who makes an impression that he is afraid of customers. He handing you a menu card which resembles scripts to study at university. You discover that they have the pancakes here. You order a pancake and wait for. At that time, the waiters still shyly put down other tables to the street. After a few moments, you get a pancake and the street turns into restaurant.



All  think that French cuisine is so sophisticated and prepare own French dinner is the hardest thing in the world. This is erroneous thinking. After several years of preparation by my own all the standard French cuisine meals with whole conviction I can say that French cuisine is simpler than Polish kitchen.

My favorite Parisian culinary recipes

The best Parisian hot chocolate
You need :
someone to cooperation in making chocolate and drinking chocolate
good music that gives rhythm to mix ingredients for chocolate. We don’t recommend in this case the French classics like Edith Piaf. Serge Gainsbourg can work but the best will Bruce Springsteen.
kitchen in Paris, the best in the Latin Quarter. In this district is located our chocolate temple Un Dimanche a Paris. We trust only chocolate from this pastry store because chef Pierre Cluizel and his pastry team are the best!
6 ounces magic chocolate from the Un Dimanche a Paris pastry shop

a medium-sized pot
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
3 cups milk
Lightly sweetened whipped cream
pinch of cinnamon
How to do it :
Break the chocolate into small pieces. For this action you will need a Beethoven symphony. Bring ¾ cup of milk to a simmer in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Whisk in 3 Tbsp. cocoa powder until no lumps remain, then add milk and return to a simmer. Whisk in chocolate and sugar and cook. Whisk frequently. Add cinnamon. Again whisk frequently. Here you need Bruce Springsteen until mixture will be smooth and creamy and chocolate is melted. It takes about 5 minutes so Dancing in the Dark is perfect.
Divide hot chocolate among mugs. Top with whipped cream and dust with cocoa powder. Go onto the balcony and enjoy the view of Paris drinking your parisian chocolate. If you are in New York, Atlanta or in Cracow enjoy the view of these cities drinking your parisian hot chocolate.



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