tourist traps

 Paris like all cities in the world has particular ‘quirks’ that only the locals know. Here are some of them.



 1) Beware of “Do you speak English” scams

Compared to New York for example Paris is  relatively safe.But like in any other big city, you might run into pickpockets, beggars of all sorts, and  scammers.They are a real plague of Paris.

Some will start their spiel with “Do you speak English?” then be all nice and friendly, tell you their oh-so-sad story, and  ask for money.Your heart melt, you reach for the wallet and these pleasant people  pull you violently. So be aware of your surroundings in Paris.

2) Moulin Rouge Cabaret

The cancan was invented here,that’s true but that was a long time ago. Now the shows have gained a reputation for their lack of originality, the same like  champagne dinners which are an insult to French cuisine and part of the city in which  cabaret is located.

3) Hotel de France 18

This is not a joke. In the Hotel de France 18   they don’t have even a single hair drayer. So, if You don’t want to walk with wet hair, select another hotel for your Paris stay.


4) Le Tire-Bouchon

o (2)

9 rue Norvins
75018 Paris

Montmartre, 18ème

It’s a perfect example of how wrong people can plunge interesting place.I like  the original deco and piano here. Several years ago they made  good pancakes. Ufortunately, now the quality of service is less than zero.  I was there with two friends. One of them ordered a pancake with lemon. The waiter doused this pancake  worst quality lemon syrup. We ordered also a bottle of mineral water. We got a bottle of tap water in a screw bottle of mineral water.






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