Who once lived in Paris and who lives in  now ?Let’s start from the famous.


1)  Marie Antoinette

Her full name was Maria Antonia Josefa Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen. She wasn’t French but she is one of the best-known monarchs of France. Born an Austrian princess, she was a favourite daughter of Maria Theresa, who arranged a special marriage for her. As a result, she had to leave Vienna for Paris at the age of 15 to marry Louise-Auguste, the future Louise XVI. Due to their different lifestyles and characters, Maria was unhappy in her marriage, which remained unconsummated for seven years. The young and beautiful queen became the subject of rumours for her extravagant lavish pastimes – she enjoyed masked balls, gambling, theatre plays and giving expensive gifts. Much sensation was caused by the Diamond Necklace Affair, in which she was implicated. She was the mother of four children. Deprived of her crown and riches, Maria was imprisoned and publicly executed by guillotine during the turbulent times of the French Revolution. The last Parisian address of queen Marie Antoinette was an isolated cell in the Consiergerie where she was a  Prisoner n° 280.



Marie Antoinette’s cell in the Conciergerie where no privacy was allowed to her


 Unofficial love 

Rue Jacob is a small, quiet street in the heart of the Latin Quarter. In front of the one of the houses here every day around 10 PM parks elegant limousine. Dignified gentleman in middle-aged with a perfectly cut suit gets out of the car.  He climbs on the third floor of the building. Door of one of the apartments opening up.

The young woman with a little girl greets him with a smile and kisses. It looks like the busy father finally back home to starts  family time.This scenario is repeated every day for about thirty years.  The small girl grows up and becomes a dynamic woman. There would be nothing strange.


Mitterrand and Anne

But the fact is the this man is the president of France, François Mitterrand and the two women are Anne Pingeot, his mistress and their daughter, Mazarine. They begin family time  late because before  president spent time with the official wife.


Mitterrand and his daughter, Mazarine


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