Even if you know Paris quite well everyday  you can discover something  what you’ve never seen before. Here are some of my favorite local recesses.

Place de Furstenberg



I love this little, fairytale Parisian square named after the famous Prince of Furstenberg, a descendant of Madame de Beauharnais, adopted daughter of the Emperor Napoleon. You can take a breath from the urban hustle and bustle here. You can find picturesque museum of the French painter, Eugène Delacroix. This museum is  former home  the painter with a beautiful garden hidden in the heart of the building. There is also apartment in which lived  Yves Saint Laurent with Pierre Bergé nearby. 




Galerie Vivienne


It’s one of the covered passages of Paris located between the Palais Royal, the stock exchange and the Grands Boulevards. It’s a lot of   such hidden passages in Paris.  They are a great alternative for rainy weather.



Rue Montorgueil


Here you can meet real Paris and real Parisians. On this street You feel the pulse of Parisian life. Children go to school, adults meet for coffee at the local cafes or doing shopping in the finest local bakeries and other specialty stores.



Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche (Street of the Fishing Cat)



This is definitely one of the funniest Parisian streets.  It’s also the narrowest street in Paris.  It is only 1.80m (just under 5 feet, 11 inches) wide for the whole of its 29m length.